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A lush tropical region with a rhythmic heartbeat and easy-going charm, there’s nowhere on the planet world quite like the Caribbean. As well as having some of the most breathtaking tropical landscapes in the world, it has a contagious energy that lives on in its visitors long after they leave. From the lingering scent of rum in air to the pleasant sound of drumming in the distance, the Caribbean offers a slice of paradise. So stretch out on a white-sand beach, sip rum cocktails at a beachfront bar and
explore the lush landscapes. 

Antigua: Antigua is a pristine island of soft, white-sand beaches, dark turquoise waters and unending sunshine. Winter’s mid-20s (°C) temperatures are as cold as it gets. This former British colony in the West Indies is smaller and less touristy than other islands, Antigua offers broad beaches and secluded coves, the perfect setting for those looking for the easy life.

Barbados: There is a surprisingly British feel here, where cricket and afternoon tea are as popular as sunbathing and watersports. With rugged beauty on the east coast‚ calm beaches in the west and lively resorts in the south‚ plus colonial towns and plantations‚ holidays to Barbados are ideal for sightseeing.

Dominican Republic: The wild, natural beauty of the Dominican Republic is classic of a Caribbean island. Palm trees line stretches of sand, reaching back to where the coast becomes jungle. The string of beach resorts earned the nickname the ‘Coconut Coast’
due to the many coconut palms lining the beaches.

Jamaica: Savour the dreamy pace of Jamaica‚ where Caribbean beaches give way to incredible scenery, the towering Blue Mountains‚ the cascading Dunn’s River Falls and the Martha Brae River. Shallow reefs and caverns provide excellent dive sites‚ and watersports abound, your holiday to Jamaica can be as relaxing or adventurous as you make it. Come evening‚ the reggae–infused spirit of
the island takes hold in tremendous style.

Mexico:  The clear waters attract scuba-divers and snorkellers alike and Cancún’s nightlife is renowned. It’s drenched by the warm, transparent waters of the Caribbean on the east while the west coast has that characteristic Pacific Ocean salty breeze. Straw-thatched beach huts edged by turquoise waves promise the ultimate in exotic holiday relaxation.

St. Lucia:  Against the stunning backdrop of The Pitons‚ the twin peaks which rise out of the ocean in the south‚ St Lucia is one of the prettiest islands in the Caribbean. With lots to see and do‚ as well a great choice of family friendly resorts‚ St Lucia holidays are
as wonderful for families as they are for couples and newlyweds. With its staggering beauty and warm culture‚ St Lucia is the
perfect paradise in which to make wonderful memories.