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Devon is one of the most popular tourist attractions in England.  It has clean beaches and wonderful surf to enjoy.  Holidays are popular here almost all year round, although the beach will not be as populated in the colder weather. If you are looking for a taste of culture be sure to stick to the cities and towns, however, if you are looking for more seclusion, stick to the countryside.

Ireland is a truly remarkable destination which offers a surprisingly vast choice of sights, sounds and scenery combined with friendly local people and a cultural background which goes way back through the centuries. The south is particularly renowned for it's laid back way of life, outstanding natural beauty and warm hospitality, making it the ideal starting point for visitors. Here you will find a wonderful selection of places to eat and drink including local pubs, gourmet restaurants and modern cafes serving the very best in traditional Irish food and international cuisine.

Scotland has become an very popular destination amongst singles, couples and families looking to relax and unwind whilst taking in the many joyful sights and sounds that the culture has to offer. The most popular city is Edinburgh, there's an overwhelming choice of activities and things to see and the vast majority can be explored on foot as everything is relatively compact.

Wales is a diverse destination featuring a magnificent blend of towns and landscapes ranging from picturesque mountain valleys and large areas of unspoilt countryside to popular coastal regions featuring tiny fishing villages and bustling modern day cities.